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368. Hezekiah Lindsey

Excerpt from "The History of Clermont County, Ohio, 1880" Elijah Mattox Sr. came from Virginia to Kentucky and then onto Ohio where in 1810 he settled a mile and a half from Pleasant Hill. He died there in 1842. He was a local Methodist preacher and was married three times having 17 children who attained mature years. blind in his latter years. Elijah was only one of seven brothers who settled in Clermont County, Ohio, the others locating elsewhere in Ohio and in Indiana. Compact Disc #74 Pin #24767 Family Search records for info ***************************************************************************************************************************************** (Letter to followup as information comes available): MATTOX-L Archives From: Subject: Re: Elijah Mattox B: 1764; D July 12, 1841 (fwd) Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 18:26:41 EDT Hi Deborah, I am happy to see your message regarding the above (I also like your sign off message). I am interested to know why you feel Nathaniel is the fathe of Elijah and on what you base this info. This is what I know. Elijah Mattox was born 14 Jun 1769, in Yohogania County, VA, which was created in 1776 from Augusta County, and ceded to Pennsylvania in 1786. It became Washington County, PA, and in the 1790 census, Elijah Mattox is found in Allegheny County, PA, in the portion of the county taken from Washington County. Therefore, he was born in present day Allegheny County, PA. This is where he met (either Mary or Nancy) Lindsey, d/o Hezekiah Lindsey and Eliza Fisher. Record only says he married a daughter of Hezekiah Lindsey. It doesn't say which. Some feel they have proof it was Mary while others feel equally sure it was Nancy. He married his wife in what was then Westmoreland County, but later became Allegheny County, PA. In the 1790 census of Allegheny County, PA, the Elijah Mattox household is shown in Moon Twp., which includes Elijah, age 21, his wife, and a daughter, Mary, age 2 1/2-3. The household of Jesse Swem, who married the other daughter of Hezekiah Lindsey, is shown nearby. Elijah's brother, Tobias Mattox is listed as living in Cecil Twp., Allegheny County. Elijah became affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal church (he probably became born again the following year, at age 22). Soon after which he and his little family migrated down the Ohio river to Maysville, Mason County, KY. It is likely Elijah and wife headed west with the Lindsey family. I believe there were a large number of people traveling together, possibly as many as 20 flatboats. He is shown on the Tax List of neighboring Fleming County, KY, 1798 (1st Tax List) again in 1800, 1801, and 1802. Elijah, Jr. was born 30 Nov 1791, in Mason Co., KY. Fleming Co., KY was formed in 1798 and took in this portion of Mason Co., so Elijah, Jr. was born in what is now Fleming County. The same is true for John, b. 1792, William, (ancestor of Janet Bedwell)b. 1794, Lydia, b. 1795, and Nancy b. 1796. Edmund was born 1798 in Fleming County, as was Elizabeth in 1802, Elner (Eleanor), in 1804, Jabez (my ancestor) in 1808. Miles (your ancestor) was born 28 Feb 1810, in Boone County, KY. Lewis Mattox (ancestor of Saundra Minger) was born 22 Jan 1811, and Jane, Sarah, and Amelia were born before 1813, in Pierce Twp., Clermont County, OH. The first wife of Elijah died in Pierce Twp., Clermont County, OH in 1813, when her son, Miles (your ancestor) was about 3 yrs. old. The Elijah Mattox family was very likely still living in Fleming County, KY in 1807 because Mary (Polly) Mattox married Richard Cord in 1807, in Fleming Co., KY. He was a Methodist minister. They were living in Boone County, KY in 1810, when Miles Mattox was born. On 14 Feb 1811, Elijah's son, John Mattox married Elizabeth Brumagen in Clermont Co., OH, which is an indication they had moved to Mt. Pleasant, Pierce Twp., Clermont Co., OH by that time. I have all of the marriages of the Mattox children, as well as the other two wives of Elijah, but won't bore you with more data. The most important discovery I have encountered thus far came from Saundra Minger. Her ancestor, Lewis Mattox, and his wife (Ann Stevenson) migrated to Adams Co., IN. From a Biographical and Historic Record, Adams & Wells Co., Indiana, it states Lewis was the son of John Mattox, Jr, and the family migrated from New Jersey to S/W PA, before migrating to Ohio & then IN. Even though his father is listed in error (it was Elijah and not John, Jr.), I think it really tells us a lot. I would assume either John, Jr. or John, Sr. migrated from New Jersey to S/W PA.and also I would assume since Jesse Swem's family migrated from Monmouth County, New Jersey (this info came from Herman Fagley), I suspect the Mattoxs and Swems were friends and lived near each other in New Jersey, and possibly migrated to PA together. (a lot of food for thought, huh?) I would like some help on following these leads. Bob Newman 2.From: Subject: Re: Elijah Mattox B: 1764; D July 12, 1841 (fwd) Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 08:25:17 +0000 Dear Bob (Hermon and Saundra and others please read too), I will try to take these things one by one. Nathaniel is information I have from my two great aunt's daughters to John Wesley Mattox, son of Miles Harper Mattox, son of Elijah. They both searched and created documentation for the DAR, none of which I have a direct copy concerning. The oldest, Maud Mattox Keithley was Born November 27, 1879 in Adel, Dallas Co., Iowa; Died: April 17, 1954. Her sister Estella was born: October 11, 1976 at the same location. The information about Nathaniel is from the 1910 letter mentioned previously on the List. I have no other information concerning this to date. How do you know Elijah's birthdate and so forth that you tackled in the second paragraph and following? Do you have a birth certificate or other documentation? All I have concerning Elijah Mattox, Sr. is that he was Born: 1764 in Virginia and Died July 12, 1841 in Clearmont Co., Ohio (Near Locust Corners). I have thar Mary Lindsey was Born: 1764 or 1766 (info. Estella Mattox); Died: 1813 in Locust Corners, Clearmont Co., Ohio. I have no marriage date. I have the previously mentioned 16 children and have heard there could have been a 17th. Miles Harper Mattox, B: Ferruary 28, 1810 in Covington, Boone County, KY; D: May 5, 1893 in Aurora, Hamilton Co., Mebraska; marries Sarah Corbin, Born: November 4, 1811 and Died: August 25, 1849 in Crown Point, Lake County, Indiana. Their children were: John Wesley Mattox, B: February 3, 1838 Mary A. Mattox, B: February 9, 1833 Elija M. Mattox, B: December 27, 1835 Amanda Clara Mattox, B: August 25, 1840 Emily C. Mattox, March 26, 1843. All children were born in Crown Point, Lake Co. Indiana. Miles Married (2) Catherine Young. I have Hezekiah Lindsey, B: 1747 in PA?; Died February 16, 1826 in Clearmont Co., Ohio and Eliza (Perhaps Fisher) married name Lindsey as the Wife of Mary who was the wife of Elijah Mattox, Sr. The rest of my information is buried for the time being. I am researching too many family lines at the same time. I am hopeful to make some connections that will help me futther the family history. You seem to be far ahead in your research that I am not sure there is anything I can contribute to you except information from my direct line. I am certainly open to anything you might suggest. I have original papers submitted to the DAR for membership, but I find them to be lacking to my way of thinking. I think previous generations of genealogists got away with less support for their information. Guess that will be it for this post. Looking forward to the replies that result! Best Regards, Deborah 3 Nails + 1 Cross = 4 Given **************************************************************************************************************************************************** The following information is from info compiled by Marvin Richard Schmutz (born 1938) and his wife Wendy. He is the son of Margrett E. Todd b1914 d/o etc., /Iva A. Hitchens b1889/Margaret A. Mattox b1859Andrew Jackson Mattox b1831 /Jabez/Elijah. Descendants of Mr Mattox Generation No. 1 1. MR1 MATTOX Children of MR MATTOX are: 2. i. ELIJAH2 MATTOX, b. c. 1765, AUGUSTA CO, VA; d. 18 Jul 1841, PLEASANT HILL, CLERMONT CO, OH. ii. TOBIAS MATTOX. Generation No. 2 2. ELIJAH2 MATTOX (MR1) was born c. 1765 in AUGUSTA CO, VA, and died 18 Jul 1841 in PLEASANT HILL, CLERMONT CO, OH. He married (1) NANCY? LINDSEY c. 1786 in WESTMORELAND CO, PA, daughter of HEZEKIAH LINDSEY and MARY/NANCY/ELIZA?. She was born 1769 in FT PITT, WESTMORELAND CO, PA, and died 1813 in PLEASANT HILL, CLERMONT CO, OH. He married (2) ELIZABETH FITZPATRICK 17 Nov 1814 in CLERMONT CO, OH. She was born c. 1775, and died c. 1817 in CLERMONT CO, OH. He married (3) SYBLE JOHNS c. 1818 in PLEASANT HILL, CLERMONT CO, OH. She was born Bef. 1803. Notes for ELIJAH MATTOX: HE LIVED IN THESE AREAS; 1765- YOGOHANIA CO, VA 1790- MOON TWP, ALLEGHANY CO, PA 1791- MASON CO, KY which became FLEMING CO, KY 1798-1802 FLEMING CO, KY 1802-1810 BOONE CO, KY 1810-42 MT. PLEASANT, CLERMONT CO, OH........Clermont County, Ohio lies within the Virginia Military District, where Revolutionary War Soldiers received land in exchange for their military service. Situated on the Ohio River, the main route to the west, Clermont County is located on a major migration route. Records are complete from the inception of the county in 1800, three years before Ohio became a state in 1803. SOURCES; 1. 1790 CENSUS , ALLEGHANY CO, PA 2. 1798 TAX LIST, FLEMING CO, KY 3. 1800 TAX LIST, FLEMING CO, KY 4. 1801 TAX LIST, FLEMING CO, KY 5. 1802 TAX LIST, FLEMING CO, KY 6. CLERMONT CO, OH MARRIAGE RECORDS..."MATTORE, Elijah, Sr. to Eliz. FITSPATRICK 17 Nov 1814 by Abel Dunham JP" 7. 1820 CENSUS OH Mattox, Elijah State: Ohio Year: 1820 County: Clermont Roll: M33_89 Township: Ohio Page: 31 8.Mattox, Elijah View Image Online State: Ohio Year: 1830 County: Clermont Roll: M19_128 Township: Ohio Page: 220 Image: 440 1 male 10-15 yrs 1 male 15-20 yrs 1 male 60-70 yrs 1 female 5-10 1 female 10-15 1 female 15-20 1 female 50-60 9. DEED. Clermont Co, OH, ELIJAH MATTOX AND WIFE SYBIL 13 DEC 1832 10. VA COURT RECORDS IN SOUTHWESTERN PA by BOYD CRUMRINE 11. AMOS SWEM B1829, BIBLE RECORD, GIVES BIRTH DATES OF JESSE SWEM, MARY LINDSEY AND ALL THEIR CHILDREN PLUS THE BIRTHDATES OF THE CHILDREN OF THEIR SON JOHN. Lindale Ohio, January 2nd 1908. State of Ohio, Clermont co, [S.S.] I hereby send you a true copy of the record of the Swem family taken from the old family bible. Jesse Swem born February 17th 1759 Mary Lindsey [his wife] born January 25th 1770 continued....see Lindsey file. 12. HISTORY OF CLERMONT CO, OH 1880..." Elijah Mattox Sr, came from Virginia to Kentucky and then onto Ohio where in 1810 he settled a mile and a half from Pleasant Hill. He died there in 1842. He was a local Methodist preacher and was married three times having 17 children who attained mature years. Elijah became blind in his latter years". 13. WILL OF ELIJAH MATTOX D1841. WILL BOOK E, PG276....."In the name of God, Amen, I, ELIJAH MATTOX of the county of Clermont and State of Ohio, being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory, blessed be Almighty God for the same do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say: First and principally I commit my soul unto the hand of Almighty God who gave it and my body to the earth to be buried in a decent and christian like manner at the direction of my Executor herein after named and as to what worldly goods it has pleased god to bless me with I give and bequeath as follows to wit: First I give and bequeath to my beloved wife SYBLE the one third part of my real estate lying and being in the waters of Ten Mile Creek beginning at an ash and two beech corner to HEZIKIAH LINDSEY; thence N.20 degrees N. one hundred and twenty four poles to 3 beech trees; thence s.80 degrees e nine six poles to one beech and two dogwoods; thence s. 27 degrees e. seventy one poles to an ash and hickory; then s.66 degrees w. ninety six poles to the place of beginning containing fifty acres during her natural life and at her decease I give and bequeath the same to my son EDMUND, his heirs and assigns forever. The above named 50 acres of land was the property of the heirs of JAMES FITZPATRICK dec.d., consisting of eight shares, five of which I have purchased, the said five shares I give and bequeath to my son EDMUND his heirs and assigns forever, I give to my beloved wife her riding mare, also my share of the present crop growing on the farm together with so much of the household property as she wishes to retain for her own use, the remainder of my personal property to be disposed of in the following manner, to wit: To my daughter MARY one dollar, to my daughter SARAH one dollar, to my son JOHN one dollar, to my son ELIJAH one dollar, to my son WILLIAM, one dollar, to my daughter NANCY one dollar, to my daughter ALEY one dollar, to my son LEWIS one dollar, to my daughter LYDIA one dollar, to my daughter ELNER one dollar, to my daughter ELIZABETH one dollar, to my son JABES one dollar, to my son MILES one dollar, to my daughter JANE one dollar, also the debts that I owe I wish paid with personal property, the remainder of my personal property I wish equally divided between my two daughters SYBIL BRAGDON and DEMARIS WARD. Lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my said son EDMUND executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me, heretofore made ratifying and confirming this to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of this 12th July one thousand eight hundred and forty one. ELIJAH MATTOX ...[X his mark] signed sealed published and declared by the above named testator to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto. B. J. RICKER, SUSAN WARD. 14. 'LINDSEYS' by F. WOOD 15. OBITUARY OF ELIJAH MATTOX ..." Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Friday October 8, 1841....Rev. Elijah Mattox departed this life, July 17th, 1841, near New Richmond, Clermont county, O., in the 72nd year of his age. He was born in Pennsylvania, and attached himself to the Methodist Episcopal Church in the 22d year of his age, embracing religion. Soon after he emigrated to Kentucky, but did not leave his religion behind. He soon commenced, by the authority of Heaven and the Church, to preach the Gospel of Christ. He then removed to Ohio, where he continued the remainder of his life. Methodism was then in its infancy, and Methodist preachers were but few. He faithfully preached Jesus and the resurrection, however, with much zeal and fervor. The humble cottage at first was most frequently his only place of public worship; but through time the wilderness began to blossom as the rose, and the Lord's sanctuary not only became more commodious, but was crowded with numbers of precious souls. Although subject to many trials and conflicts in his earthly pilgrimage, he displayed in an eminent degree those beautiful traits which so highly adorn the Christian - patience, meekness and fortitude, sweetly combined with the other Christian graces. He died as he lived, in full hope of glory and immortality. "The chamber where the good man meets his fate, Is privileg'd beyond the common walks Of virtuous life, quite on the verge of heaven." 16. Nov 17,1814, when Elizabeth Fitzpatrick married Elijah Mattox, by Abel Donham, JP he married a widow with 7-8 kids, and 50 acres of ridge top land. It was originally Col Wm Lindsey's and Nancy Ferguson's,til 1806. I think it's the 55 acre tract called W.D.Alexander's on the 1870 and 1891 Pierce township atlases. Until Sept 3,1853, it was in Ohio township. Elijah Sr, with all his kids, and her kids, partially bought out her children 's shares. 5 of 8 by 1841. 1891 shows 2 runs, with ponds, heading on the 50+ acres. One Run ran south, down the river hill to the Ohio River. Another ran north, to 10 mile creek, next to the 10 Mile Baptist cemetary, called Pierce township Cemetary by the DAR. Elder Hezekiah Lindsey's church. Likely one followed the erosions of those runs to climb the 300+ high ridge. Earliest school was on an island in the creek near the church. Fitzpatrick's and Lindsey's went, but Mattox's? Later, there was a 1 room school on the ridge called no 11 ,and then no 8. Jabez Ricker was a young Methodist school teacher who lived a mile+ north. He drowned in 1823. Was he a namesake? The level way out from the farm was east, past several Baptist Donham and Fagin farms. A Methodist among mostly Baptist. A Methodist with a Baptist churchyard less than a mile away, but no Mattox tombstones in it. Don't get your hopes up, but I've heard once of a forgotten cemetary on that ridge from historian-DAR-Aileen Whitt. I think. One of many missed by the DAR. Perhaps a Mattox-Fitzpatrick cemetary? But, perhaps destroyed. I see Sibby and Libby used for the daughter who must have been by the last-3rd-widow-wife, Sybil. And Demaris m Elon Ward-I've been in their house. Their tombstone leans by the barn. I'm a nut to know the exact farm. Because I was a farmer, I want to see the lay of the land. Steep hills to the north,south,and west was Elijah's ridgetop. 1 1\2 miles of hillside climb to church .> [HERMON FAGLEY] 17. Most of the following lived on-near the ridge between the Ohio River,and 10 Mile creek,with all it's Becklehymer's-Behymer's. NW of New Richmond,Oh. Within sight of Campbell Co,Ky. I suppose their Germanic religion didn't allow military .Many were 10 Mile Baptists. Aug 25-Sept 25,1812 Capt Wm Lindsey [m Nancy Ferguson],Lt John Shaw, Ensign Isaih Ferguson Sgt James Robb,Sgt Isaac Ferguson, Corp Timothy Riddler, Corp Elijah Lindsey, Corp Robert Donham, Sgt John Beltt? Corp Isaac Ford, Privates: Wm Beezey [he,or Sr,had a fort-mill at Plainville,Oh 1792 Amos Donham,Hugh Ferguson, Andrew Gray, Joseph Morris, George Rinker, Thomas Welsh, David White [a JP later], Jousha Brown,of Rev George,m Alice Lindsey,1801, Abel Donham, John Gray,Rodham Moring, Jacob Rairdin,James Wood [a JP later, Timothy Conner, James Fitzpatrick [widow m Elijah Mattox,Sr in 1814], Neely Gray Benjamin Morris, Timothy Rardin,John Snyder, Samuel Williams. At least half these men had lived in family forts and founght Indians. Many were within a mile of what became Clermont Co,in 1801,by 1794..Many were skilled frontiersmen. I'm interested in the ridge between 10 Mile Creek at 10 Mile Baptist church,and the Ohio river at Beckjord Power plant. Exactly land owned by the Lindsey's,and by,1870-and 1891, A.D. Alexander. I predict a small cemetary,perhaps destroyed today. But once a FITZPATRICK- Mattox cemetary,or even,since Rev Elijah Mattox,Sr was a local Methodist minister,maybe a tiny churchyard. Nelp's would live near later. Nelp Rd. Pvt James Fitzpatrick's widow,Elizabeth,mother of 7-8 kids,m 1814,Elijah Mattox,en route to having 17 kids of his own. The Donham's above were Nathanial Donham's sons,and had lived in Little Miami River forts from 1791 18. "Minutes of the Court of Yohogania Co,VA Aug 25,1778 " in 1781 it would become Washington Co,Pa,and then Allegany Co,Pa Remember,we have a Wm and Nancy Lindsey selling in 1806 to James Fitzpatrick 50 acres for $150 which became ,1810+ ,in part,Elijah Mattox Sr's. An earlier Wm Lindsey died by Aug 25,1778,and Tobias Mattocks, Joseph Ross, Samuel Brice,and Thomas Bond were appointed to appraise his estate, AND Michael Teggart was execr. .Earlier,as Michael Tigert,he was appointed ensign of militia. Ordered that Mary Lindsey,wife of a poor soldier,William Lindsey, be allowed 6 pounds a month to support her 6 kids April 28,1778 And Elijah Mattox,Sr named his eldest,and heir,Edmund Mattox-an Lindsey name. Edmund Lindsey Aug 27,1777 he went bond for Samuel Wells,vs Zachariah Connell. One would think Edmund Lindsey then lived near todays Connellsville,Pa . March 23,1778,Edmund Lindsey,Wm McKee,Edward Rice,and James Blackston appraise John Vance's estate. March 23,1778,Edmund Lindsey called as withness,with other Connellsville area people, as witness of Samuel Wells beating his wife.later, Edmund appointed to appraise James Loudoun's estate with other Connellsville, Pa men. 19. In April 19,1806, Wm and Nancy Lindsey transfered 50 acres [evidently adjoining Hezekiah Lindsey] to James Fitzpatrick..Any transfer to Elijah Mattox from Fitzpatrick's 5 of 8 heirs was after my books 1812 limit. Wm Lindsey could not be son of Hezekiah Lindsey. Brother or father? James Fitzpatrick's sons included Thomas, John, Reese, and Wm,and his daughters m Samuel Beckett, Benjamin Behymer,and Wm Townsley. James had a brother ,Henry,who had a son, Soloman,of Monroe township. Henry went to Indiana. Anyway,I post 7,of 8 heirs,and predict a land suit. I'll say it's fact that Rev Elijah Mattox, Sr was a poorman, in terms of> [HERMON FAGLEY] 20. Elijah Sr owned 5\8th of 50 acres in Finley's no 1763 Va military survey of 400 acres. He lived near, or atop the ridge between the Ohio River, and 10 Mile creek.. James Fitzpatrick having selected that farm early-1800- it likely was atop the ridge, mostly. Best I can tell, modern roads don't go there. It's likely been used for coal ash burial by the nearby Beckjord Power Plant, on the river. It's on the ridge,to the south of Hezekiah Lindsey's 10 Mile Baptist church and cemetary of 1814, located on Rt 749, along 10 Mile Creek. Hills to climb to get there from the south, west, and north. Only east was about level travel. Perhaps a hilltop view of the Ohio River. Fagin's Run Road to the east, today. Edmund is a common name used by Lindsey'> [HERMON FAGLEY] 21. Elijah Mattox,1790 census of Pa, Allegheny Co, old Moon township, was sw of Pittsburg 20+ miles. Then, he and Tobias Mattox were in, now, N E Harrison Co, Ky, and then Elijah was on Johnson's Fork of Licking in w Fleming Co, Ky. [It was most common for Clermont Co pioneers to make that migration of sw Pa> n Ky>s Clermont. The Lindsey's and Ferguson's made those moves. I'd say Elijah Mattox, Sr lived until 1815, at least, entirely in log cabins. Jan 18,1780 Examination of David Lindsey and Thomas Pearcesal, who are charged with purgery, by the Yohogania Co,Va court [Pittsburg Pa area] The prisoners plead not guilty,and they refused examination by the court. So [bond was set ]to get them to the next court, and David Lindsey's bondsmen were Henry Kersey and Tobias> [HERMON FAGLEY] 22. A new Soloman Fitzpatrick, besides the Soloman,of Henry Fitzpatrick, has been introduced with the James Fitzpatrick. 1814,Abel Donham,JP, WHO WAS NEIGHBOR of Hezekiah Lindsey,and of James Fitzpatrick,m Elizabeth Fitzpatrick to Elijah Mattox,Sr. Maybe she's widow of Soloman ,[I] Fitzpatrick. Elijah Mattox,Jr seems to have m 2 Medaris-one at age 15. [1813,and he was 60 in 1858 when he married the 2nd. Then I have a conflict with Demaris Mattox m Elon Ward. One goes back a lane thru the Ward farm to get to the Medaris. They are both up Locust Corner Hill Rd from where James John milled at the mouth of 9 mile. I see the Fitzpatrick's,Lindsey's and Ferguson's migrating in together,1795 era. When the data says 1797 James Fitzpatrick m Sybil John, in Hamilton Co,NW Territory, there was no Clermont Co til 1800-01. However,1798 on,there was a Campbell Co,Ky a mile south of James John,where most had lived from 1794. My friend,and neighbor,Ruth Ann Mattox Rooks, is Elijah,Elijah,Wm S. Thomas Benton, O.O.>Ruth Ann .Her daughter,Debbie Redden ,is also my neighbor,as is ,Mrs Tim McClanahan, who is Elijah,Elijah,Wm S.,Thomas Benton, C.C.>Clyde,>Mrs Tim McClanahan. [And also Clyde's widow] [> [HERMON FAGLEY] 23. BETHEL CEM RECORDS, CLERMONT CO, OH More About ELIJAH MATTOX: Burial: LOCUST CNR CEM, CHURCH:: METHODIST LITERATE;: YES OCCUPATION:: METHODIST MINISTER/BLIND IN LATER YRS WILL PROVEN:: 1841, CLERMONT CO, OH Notes for NANCY? LINDSEY: SOURCES; 1. NO REAL SOURCE HAS BEEN FOUND MENTIONING THE FIRST NAME OF THE FIRST WIFE OF ELIJAH MATTOX EXCEPT A VAGUE REFERENCE IN THE HISTORY OF CLERMONT COUNTY saying " A daughter of Hezekiah Lindsey married Elijah Mattox". The marriages of all daughters have been accounted for except Nancy. She was originally thought to be the wife of Jesse Swem but his family bible has recently shown that his wife's name was Mary Lindsey not Nancy. So Nancy must have married Elijah Mattox. It is also a popular name amongst his granddaughters so it would seem to be true.....I wonder why she never named a son to honor her father! More About ELIJAH MATTOX and ELIZABETH FITZPATRICK: Marriage: 17 Nov 1814, CLERMONT CO, OH More About ELIJAH MATTOX and SYBLE JOHNS: Marriage: c. 1818, PLEASANT HILL, CLERMONT CO, OH Children of ELIJAH MATTOX and NANCY? LINDSEY are: 3. i. MARY3 MATTOX, b. 05 Dec 1787, ALLEGHANY CO, PA; d. 16 Mar 1856, CLERMONT CO, OH. 4. ii. ELIJAH MATTOX, b. 30 Nov 1791, MASON CO, KY; d. 28 Feb 1883, CLERMONT CO, OH. iii. JOHN MATTOX, b. 1792, MASON CO, KY; m. ELIZABETH BRUMAGIN, 14 Feb 1811, CLERMONT CO, OH. Notes for JOHN MATTOX: THE PORTION OF MASON CO, KY THAT JOHN WAS BORN IN BECAME FLEMING CO, KY IN 1798. LIVED IN BETHEL, CLERMONT CO, OH AND THEN MOVED WEST ..CA? SOURCE; 1. CLERMONT CO, OH MARRIAGE RECORDS 2. 'LINDSEYS' by F. WOOD More About JOHN MATTOX: MILITARY REC:: WAR 1812 w/ Capt R. Haines More About JOHN MATTOX and ELIZABETH BRUMAGIN: Marriage: 14 Feb 1811, CLERMONT CO, OH 5. iv. LYDIA MATTOX, b. c. 1795, MASON CO, KY; d. 1850, VIGO CO, IN?. 6. v. WILLIAM MATTOX, b. 06 Jan 1797, MASON CO, KY; d. 12 Mar 1870. vi. EDMUND MATTOX, b. c. 1798, FLEMING CO, KY; m. MISS BRAGDON; b. Aft. 1798. 7. vii. NANCY MATTOX, b. 25 Jul 1798, FLEMING CO, KY; d. 16 Oct 1852, CLERMONT CO, OH. viii. AMELIA MATTOX, b. c. 1799, FLEMING CO, KY; m. LEWIS MOORE, 12 Aug 1819, CLERMONT CO, OH; b. Bef. 1802. More About LEWIS MOORE and AMELIA MATTOX: Marriage: 12 Aug 1819, CLERMONT CO, OH 8. ix. ELIZABETH MATTOX, b. c. 1802, FLEMING CO, KY. x. ELEANOR MATTOX, b. c. 1804, BOONE CO, KY; m. SAMUEL GILMAN, 20 May 1824, CLERMONT CO, OH; b. Bef. 1804. Notes for SAMUEL GILMAN: POSSIBLE PARENTS FOR SAMUEL ARE JOHN GILMAN AND BETSY LINDSEY SOURCE; 1. HISTORY OF CLERMONT CO, OH 2. CLERMONT CO, OH MARRIAGE RECORD...."MATTOX, Eleanor to Samuel GILLMAN 20 May 1824 by Wm. Robb MG". 3. GILMAN, SAMUEL .....need to check and see if these are Samuel and Eleanor. State: OH Year: 1830 County: Clermont County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule Township: Ohio Township Page: 217 Database: OH 1830 Federal Census Index -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GILMAN, SAMUEL State: OH Year: 1840 County: Clermont County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule Township: Washington Township Page: 192 Database: OH 1840 Federal Census Index -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GILMAN, SAMUEL State: OH Year: 1850 County: Clermont County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule Township: Washington Township Page: 055 Database: OH 1850 Federal Census Index -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More About SAMUEL GILMAN and ELEANOR MATTOX: Marriage: 20 May 1824, CLERMONT CO, OH 9. xi. JABEZ R. MATTOX, b. 19 Mar 1808, FLEMING CO, KY; d. 05 Jun 1851, BETHEL, CLERMONT CO, OH. 10. xii. LEWIS MATTOX, b. c. 1809, BOONE CO, KY; d. Aft. 1850, ADAMS CO, IN?. 11. xiii. MILES HARPER MATTOX, b. 28 Feb 1810, BOONE CO, KY; d. May 1893, AURORA, HAMILTON CO, NV. xiv. JANE MATTOX, b. c. 1812, PIERCE TWP, CLERMONT CO, OH; m. ERIC TRACY, 17 Jun 1829, CLERMONT CO, OH; b. Bef. 1812. More About ERIC TRACY and JANE MATTOX: Marriage: 17 Jun 1829, CLERMONT CO, OH xv. SARAH MATTOX, b. c. 1813, PIERCE TWP, CLERMONT CO, OH. Child of ELIJAH MATTOX and ELIZABETH FITZPATRICK is: 12. xvi. DEMARIS3 MATTOX, b. c. 1817, CLERMONT CO, OH; d. 10 Oct 1855, CLERMONT CO, OH. Child of ELIJAH MATTOX and SYBLE JOHNS is: 13. xvii. SYBLE LIBBY JANE3 MATTOX, b. c. 1818, CLERMONT CO, OH.
Father: Unknown MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0043> b: 1680 Marriage 1 Elizabeth FITZPATRICK </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0684>
Demaris Ward MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0190> b: ABT 1817 in Clermont Co., OH
Marriage 2 Syble JOHNS </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0778>
Syble Libby MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0779> b: 1818 in Clermont Co., OH
Marriage 3 Mary LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0038> b: 1766 in Fort Pitt, PA
Married: 1787 in Clermont Co., OH
Jabez MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0031> b: 2 APR 1808 in Fleming County, KY
Sarah MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0178> b: BEF 1813
John MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0179> b: 1792 in Mason Co., KY
William L. MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0180> b: 6 JAN 1797 in Mason Co., KY
Nancy MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0181> b: 25 JUN 1798 in Fleming Co., KY
Amelia MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0182> b: 1799 in Fleming Co., KY
Lewis MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0183> b: 22 JAN 1811 in Boone Co., KY
Lydia MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0184> b: 1795 in Mason Co., KY
Eleanor MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0185> b: 1804 in Boone Co., KY
Elizabeth MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0186> b: 1802 in Fleming Co., KY
Miles Harper MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0187> b: 28 FEB 1810 in Covington, Boone County, KY
Jane MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0188> b: BEF 1812 in Pierce Twn., Clermont Co., OH
Edmond MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0191> b: 1798 in Fleming County, KY
Mary MATTOX </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0192> b: 5 DEC 1787 in Alleghaney Co., PA
Elijah MATTOX , Jr. </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0
93> b: 30 NOV 1791 in Fleming County, KY

ID: I0039 Name: Hezekiah LINDSEY Sex: M Birth: 1747 in Fort Pitt, PA Death: 16 FEB 1826 in Pierce, Clermont County, OH Burial: Clermont County, OH Military Service: Revolutionary War-9th Regiment Note:
Hezekiah was a veteran of the American Revolutionary War, serving as a private in the 9th Regiment, commanded by Colonel John Gibson of the Virginia Line for three years. He enlisted in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. He was granted a pension of $8 a month. Hezekiah and his family lived in that area over-which both Pennsylvania and Virginia claimed jurisdiction. The family then built flatboats and floated down the Ohio River to Maysville, Mason Co., Kentucky. They remained here for awhile, then traveled on to Cambell Co., Kentucky. This was their residence for a short time until becoming one of the earliest settlers of Ohio Twp., Clermont Co., Ohio, before 1800. His wife's family came, as did the Nichols family. He married Eliza FISHER __ ___ 1767 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. She was born 9 Oct 1752 in _______, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Adam FISHER and Sarah NICHOLS. Died 14 Aug 1837 in Pierce Twp., Clermont Co., Ohio, and was buried in Locust Corner, Pierce Twp., Clermont Co., Ohio. *Lindsey, Hezekiah I Birth : 1747 Westmoreland, Pennsylvania Death : 16 FEB 1826 New Richmond, Clermont, Ohio Gender: Male Parents: Father: Lindsey, David B. Mother: Fleming, Mary Family: Spouse: Fister, Barbara Gender: Female Family: Marriage: 1767 in Baltimore, Maryland or PA Spouse: Fisher, Elizabeth (Eliza) Birth : 9 OCT 1752 Pennsylvania Death : 1 AUG 1837 New Richmond, Clermont, Ohio Gender: Female Parents: Father: Fisher, Adam Mother: Nichols, Sarah Children: Lindsey, Hezekiah II Lindsey, Mary Birth : 1768 Gender: Female Lindsey, Nancy Birth : 1769 Gender: Female Lindsey, William Birth : 1772 Gender: Male Lindsey, John Birth : 1774 Gender: Male Lindsey, Manly Birth : 1775 Gender: Male Lindsey, Philip Birth : 1782 Gender: Male Lindsey, Alice Birth : 1785 Gender: Female Lindsey, Elizabeth Birth : 1786 Gender: Female Lindsey, Catherine Birth : 1788 Gender: Female Lindsey, Elijah Birth : 1790 Gender: Male Lindsey, Lydia Birth : 1792 Gender: F ***************************************************************************************************************************************** THE PENSION LIST OF 1818 Washington, D.C. 1820 Commencing with the 5th of September, 1818, and ending with the 4th of September, 1819, inclusive. Names of the Revolutionary Pensioners which have been placed on the Roll of Ohio, under the Law of the 18th of March, 1818, from the passage thereof, to this day, inclusive; with the Rank they held, and the Lines in which they served, viz:--- LINDSEY, Hezekiah private Virginia LINDSEY, James private Virginia War of 1812 Capt. Haines company of mounted volunteers , which served in the State of Ohio , in the year 1813 , on a tour of duty for the relief of Fort Meigs and Fort Stephenson , serving from July 27th until August 13th , a period of sixteen days. Roll of Capt. Robert Haines Capt. Robt.Haines Lieut. Hugh Ferguson Ensign Jonathan Donham Sergeant James Robb Sergeant Hezekiah Lindsey Sergeant Isaac Ferguson Sergeant James Aarthur Corp Thoams Littleton Corp Nathan Sutton Corp William Donham Corp Thams Welch John WHittaker Daniel Snider Aquilla McCord Nicholas Pritchet Isaiah Pritchet Peter Bolander John Mattox Elijah Mallot Daniel Apple James Fitzpatrick Henry Cuppy Robert Chapman francis Ferguson John Morin Edward Chapman Edward Roberts Josiah Bettle George Lewis Reuben Lord Samuel Long Hamilton Miller David Rardin William Nichols Phillip Nichols John Behymer Levi Behymer Martin Behymer Jacob Kinsey John Dillman Michael Lane David White William Bell Benj. Morin Jacob Short Horatio Cleft William Laycock Levi Pinkham John Dial
Father: David B. LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0041> b: ABT 1720 in Scotland Mother: Mary FLEMING </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0042> b: ABT 1723 in Probably Derryloran, Ireland Marriage 1 Elizabeth FISHER </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0040> b: 9 OCT 1752 in Fort Pitt, Westmoreland, PA
Married: 1767 in Baltimore, MD or PA
Mary LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0038> b: 1766 in Fort Pitt, PA
Hezekiah LINDSEY , Jr. </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0591>
Nancy LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0592> b: 1769
William LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0593> b: 1772
John LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0594> b: 1774
Manly LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0595> b: 1775
Philip LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0596> b: 1782
Alice LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0597> b: 1785
Elizabeth LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0598> b: 1786
Catherine LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0599> b: 1788
Elijah LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0600> b: 1790
Lydia LINDSEY </cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=dlloyd1_1&id=I0601> b: 1792

370. Robinson Lucas

Robinson Lucas moved from Virginia to Kentucky, came from Kentucky and settled near the Ohio River, at Cornick's Run, with William Long, Uriah Springer and James Prickett. We are informed his sons, William and John, came over about a week before the rest of the family and built the first shanty ever built at the mouth of Red Oak Creek, and, when the family arrived, they had twenty-one bears killed and hung to the trees around the shanty. After living here a short time, Mr. Lucas came up Straight Creek and settled on the farm now owned by Huston Rhoten, where he died and is buried. There were born to Robinson Lucas and his wife nineteen children, fifteen living to grow up, viz., Temperance, Elizabeth, William, John, Jacob, Drucilla, Mary, Cynthia, Anna, Isaiah, Isaac, Sarah, Robert, Rhoda and James--the last tow born after their parents came here. Temperance married William Arnold; lived for awhile north of the present site of Arnheim; afterward moved one mile east of Arnheim, where she died. Elizabeth married John Lindsey. William married Mary Hickembottom; settled on the farm now owned by the widow of John Biery; they removed to Indiana in 1830, where the wife died; he came back, and died on West Fork. John married Margaret Harper, and settled on the farm adjoining his brother, William; the farm is now owned by H. F. Pindell; he sold and went to Illinois. Jacob remained in Virginia when his parents moved to Kentucky, he married the widow of Moses Stansberry, and, about 1810 came to Ohio and settled on Straight Creek. Drucilla married Phillip Lindsey. Mary married Edward Pindell, son of Thomas Pindell. Cynthia married James Robins, and settled on Brown's Run, in Washington Township, where he died; she afterward married John Jacobs; they lived and died near Arnheim. Anna married Isaac Bunner; lived on West Fork, where they died; their son Isaac Bunner, now owns the farm. Isaiah married Margaret Long, daughter of William Long; lived for some years on the east side of Straight Creek, on land now owned by B. W. Gordon; he sold to John Ernst and moved to Indiana, where he died. Isaac married Euphemia Harper, and settled on Straight Creek, above Arnheim, and while running on a keel-boat on the Ohio River, he died at Gallipolis. Sarah never married. Robert married Mary Grogan; settled on Straight Creek adjoining his brother William, and later moved to Indiana, and from there to Illinois, where he died. Rhoda married Thomas Arnold; lived on West Fork till he died; she lived at Phillip Lindsey's until her death. James inherited the home farm; he married ---Harris, who lived but a few years; he afterward married Sarah Smith; he sold his farm to Michael Pindell and went to Indiana and from there to Illinois. John Lucas and Margaret (Harper) Lucas had born to them Lydia, Presley, Reason, Euphemia and John. Lydia married Nathan Springer, son of Uriah Springer; they moved to Illinois, where she still lives, her husband having died some eight years ago. Presley went to Illinois with his father, and married Louisa Prickett, daughter of James Prickett; he died in December, 1881; his widow is still living. Reason married Martha A. West in 1839, and lived on the West Fork of Eagle Creek for eight years, then moved to Russellville where they still live. Euphemia went to Illinois with her father, and married Reuben Long, and is still living there. John went to Illinois with his father, and married Sarah Smith; is still living in that State

394. John Buttry

See also Butry or Buttry

414. Hezekiah Sellards

Occupation: Woodsmand/Frontiersman