Are you interested in making or playing bass whistles (below LOW-LOW-A, 220Hz)?

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Basswhistle Construction Data

Another picture, notice floor tiles for size comparison.

First Scale attempt on Basswhistle

Below, I'm testing prototype #1 of a lever keying system for my first C basswhistle.


Bass Whistle Tonehole Position sheet.  1.5" Sched.40 PVC

BUILD SHEET     12/9/01
Bore Dia: 1.600      
NOTE PITCH (Hz) Diam. Position Pos. (mm)
C 130.813      
D 146.833 0.750 7.45 189.2
E 164.814 0.750 12.48 317.0
F 174.614 0.500 15.28 388.0
G 195.998 0.750 18.84 478.6
A 220.000 0.750 22.66 575.5
B 246.942 0.750 25.94 658.9

To add the side hole, subtract 75mm from the positions and measure on a separate piece of PVC.

The foot-piece dimensions are in the basswhistle yahoogroups library.


Keying mechanism


The key to sealing the tonehole was the use of Frost King Brand 3/4" Foam Weatherstrip, make sure to use the

type the is labeled "Waterproof Self-Stick Closed Cell PVC 3/4"Wide x 3/16"Thick x 17' Long.  Part Number V449.

UPC Number 0-77578-01267-4.  You won't need the entire 17' - maybe there is a smaller one available.

I found this at a local Lowes Store - you can line the strips side by side and it'll still seal.